Daily Dose Of Cute: Dog Refuses To Eat Unless He Gets A Forehead Kiss

Both panels show Badger the dog and his pet-sitter doing their meal routine, which includes a dog kiss on the forehead before Badger will eat.

All dogs act differently about their food. Many may start gobbling it down as soon as the bowl reaches their level. Some have training to wait until they are given a go-ahead command. Badger has the cutest mealtime routine we’ve ever seen! He won’t start eating until he gets a dog kiss on the forehead!

Badger is a rescue dog with an odd lineage. He is part pit bull, chihuahua, and a bit of a wiener dog, all tumbled into an adorable, although compact, frame. Sagar Jha lives with Badger’s family and recorded the videos while caring for him during their absence.

In an interview with Storyful, Sagar Jha explained, “When they got Badger he was sometimes having a hard time with people and strangers getting in his personal space and close to his face, so in order to make that go away his owners trained him to sit, wait, and get a kiss on his forehead before he ate dinner.”

Both images show Badger the dog getting a kiss on the forehead before he eats his meal.
Image from TikTok.

Sagar Jha made the dog kiss video compilation to show Badger’s human parents that he was a good boy while they were gone. It seems that Badger has learned to wait for his meals and to accept certain people in his personal space around mealtime.

Some dogs never learn manners, like these two Labrador brothers who stole the mail carrier’s lunch. In China, they train police dogs to line up at mealtime with their food bowl and wait patiently. This man’s German shepherd is obviously starving, begging for more food right after eating!

We’re glad Badger has learned his mealtime routine so well and won’t eat until he gets his dog kiss. Seeing such a happy puppy get forehead kisses is always a treat!

You can find the source of this story’s featured image here.

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