Daily Dose of Adorable: Kitten Just Needs a Hug

Left panel shows an adorable kitten with outstretch paws asking for a hug. Right panel shows a disinterested adult cat ignoring the hug request.

Laying calmly with arms outstretched, this adorable kitten wants a hug. The mother cat seems disinterested and ignores the precious little tyke. Then, with a scratch and a “Hmmmmph,” Mom is off searching for other adventures. Meanwhile, the tiny tot is still waiting. The poor widdle bebbie needs a kitten hug!

Much like human children, tiny kittens need hugs and affection. Cuddling a young kitten helps them to feel loved and safe. Kitten hugs also help with socialization as they grow. This is why it takes some feral cats some time to get accustomed to being handled by humans. They miss that early affection and socialization with humans. Kittens raised together also form bonds and will often cuddle with one another.

Kittens Diego and Ollie sharing a nap and a cuddle.
Image from TikTok.

Kittens and cats don’t confine their affection to humans and other cats. In a beautiful image shared on Reddit, a tiny kitten wraps its paws around an even tinier puppy.

Beautiful gray kitten hugging a small yellow puppy.
Image from Reddit.

Another unlikely duo is Luka and Huckleberry. Luka is a yellow Labrador who weighs more than 80 pounds. Huckleberry is a tiny cat who first joined the family at around 4 pounds. The tiny cat had to have her right paw amputated at the shoulder. After her surgery, Luka was gentle and cuddly. She quickly adapted to her new tripod lifestyle and became more active. Luka lets the one-armed biscuit maker get busy without a complaint. He even lets her win some of their wrestling matches! This adorable pair give each other plenty of cuddles.

Image shows unlikely pals Luka (an 80+ pound Labrador) and Huckleberry (a small cat) cuddling.
Image from YouTube.

Sun and Moon are absolutely adorable and super cuddly. The two tiny tabby kittens are cuddling during a nap and couldn’t be any cuter!

Understanding The Importance Of Kitten Hugs

Kittens hug for many reasons. They hug to show affection, seek security, steal your warmth, keep you in place (see next paragraph), or stop you from doing something. Kittens and cats understand our feelings. They know when their humans are happy or sad. Offering them cuddles and hugs helps both of you.

There is an unspoken rule when a kitten or cat perches in your lap. You cannot get up or move until they move. When your kitten or cat “keeps you in place,” even the slightest move may offend them. So the rule is that you must not move. Ever. Remember that simple rule: you and your kitten will have a happy life together!

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