Daily Dose Of Adorable: Fox And Cat Caught Playing Together In Silly Video

A fox and a white and gray cat curiously circle one another while standing in the middle of a road.

If animals could talk, I’d love to hear what this fox and cat have to say about their unexpected encounter. Although we don’t get to see what prompts their “conversation,” we come in at a point where the cat is chasing her new fox friend — or her potential friend, at least. She chases him all the way out into the street where they maintain a distance.

Eventually, though, they warily approach each other. The fox gets bolder, getting quite close to the feline. Then, suddenly, the two of them take off as if they agreed on it. They continue this game for a bit until they scurry out of view from the person capturing this wholesome moment on camera.

Like many others, I was surprised to see a fox and cat interact so closely with one another, and in such a kind way. But according to quite a few comments, this type of interaction is more common than you might think.

Fox and Cat Form a Wholesome Friendship

“Delightful! I saw my two cats sitting about 6ft apart from a fox, very early one morning,” one person writes. “They all just sat on the pavement, chilling. I was terrified the fox was going to attack the cats but eventually it wandered-off across the road and they watched it go. Obviously, just hanging-out for a bit.”

“A few years back I was at my girlfriends house, and we noticed that her cat was laying on next doors lawn in the sunshine with a fox as happy as can be,” another person shares. “They both looked very comfortable with each other.”

Here’s to unlikely friendships that help make the world a little bit brighter!

You can find the source of this story’s featured image here!

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