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Puppy Born With No Front Legs Gets New Wheels And Now She’s Unstoppable.

Not everyone is ready to care for a pet with special needs.

In 2015, someone abandoned a Chihuahua puppy in a cardboard box in San Francisco, California. Dozens of people walked by the squirming little one with no front legs before a stranger finally stopped and looked inside.


When they saw the tiny dog, they were filled with compassion and immediately brought her to the San Francisco SPCA. Once the pup was safe, the shelter reached out to OrthoPets, a company that makes custom leg braces, orthotics, and prostheses for pets, and asked for help.

With their support, the little dog was on her way to becoming fully mobile for the first time ever!

Her rescuers named her Daffodil and started making her a custom set of wheels that are truly innovative. The development process involved wrapping Daffodil up and making a cast of her entire body, which briefly turned her into an adorable puppy burrito.


Once the cast was done, they sent it to the lab for more work. The final product was worth the wait!

Daffodil’s new wheels allowed her hind legs to drive her anywhere she wanted to go – and we do mean anywhere!


The look on her face when she realized she could run is so heartwarming. It’s as if she knew that she was free to explore and do all the things she was meant to do!

Now that she has her wheels, Daffodil loves to go on walks, climb rock walls, and go up and down stairs. Can you imagine what a change this must have been for the cutie? We’d say she looks pretty happy about it!

Even better, once Daffodil was back on her feet, the SPCA found her a loving forever home!


We love stories with happy endings, and this one is just too sweet! Daffodil was already incredible before, but now she’s unstoppable!

Watch her react to her first set of baby wheels in the video below, and don’t forget to share this story with a friend.

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