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Visually Impaired Toddler Has The Most Beautifully Sweet Reaction To Hearing Her Dad’s Voice

This toddler is a daddy’s girl in the most heartwarming way, and you can see it by the way she reacts to his voice.

According to a TikTok post, via Storyful, Amanda Burritt’s daughter, Emma, suffers from “a rare neurodegenerative disease called KIF1A Associated Neurological Disorder (KAND).”

“[It] robbed her of her ability to see, walk, and talk among many other things,” Amanda wrote.

Through her challenges, Emma’s family has been right by her side with endless love, which shows in the many videos Amanda has shared on Storyful with her handle @thelifeofemmabean. One of those videos was so moving that it made an apperance on Good Morning America.

The clip shows the beautiful moment when Emma realized her dad had come home from a work trip. She was in her car seat, and her dad opened the door to greet her. He gently held her hand and kissed her forehead before saying, “Hi, Princess Emma.”

Once Emma recognized the comforting voice, her entire face lit up and she laughed with joy. Then she took his hand and smiled for cheek kisses in the most wholesome way.

The Toddler’s Condition Only Affects 500 People Worldwide

In a Facebook post, Amanda explained that KAND caused Emma to lose her eyesight before the little girl turned one. By four, she could no longer walk or talk. Her family is doing everything that can to stop the condition from worsening.


“We fight every day for a cure so that it can’t take anything else from our baby,” she wrote.

KAND only affects 500 people worldwide, and Amanda said she posts videos of her daughter in hopes of “raising awareness wherever [she] can.”

Share this story and help Amanda raise awareness about Emma’s disorder.

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