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The Internet Can’t Get Enough Of This Daddy & Baby Daughter Sing “My Girl.”

my girl duet

Get ready to fall in love, folks!

When some people become fathers, they truly devote themselves to contributing to all aspects of their child’s upbringing. Whether that means changing diapers, cleaning up their toys, or teaching them how to ride a bicycle, they’re 100% on board for all of life’s ups and downs. Sometimes, being there for kids means just hanging out, singing a little song together – and they’re there for that, too.


Dallas mother Laura Caperton Richards is married to a guy who routinely goes above and beyond for their 3-month-old daughter. Laura often shares pictures of her adorable baby girl hanging out with her daddy, but a video she put up on Facebook recently got a lot more attention than she’s used to.

The video is only a minute, but it’s just long enough to give all of us a serious case of the awws.


In the clip we see Laura’s husband holding their daughter, clad in a pair of totally cute pink giraffe PJs, standing in front of the bathroom mirror. As dad hangs onto the baby girl’s arms to support her, the little tot stands on her own two feet and gazes into the mirror at their reflection.

Then dad starts to sing, and folks, that’s when the cuteness really kicks into overload.

The father starts singing the popular song “My Girl” by The Temptations, and what do you know? His tiny daughter knows all of the words! They proceed to trade off verses of the song, with the child singing long portions with zero help from dad. Her sweet baby voice is just too much!


Talk about “dad goals”! This little girl is one lucky kid to have such a sweet father to duet with, but we’ll bet dad thinks he’s the lucky one!

Check out the video that’s got everyone talking, and don’t forget to make someone smile today by sharing.

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