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Dad handing over daughter at wedding

Dad Was About To Hand Over His Daughter, His Story Left Everyone In Tears!

There’s nothing quite as powerful as a daddy-daughter relationship. I think about the dad who refused to give a normal wedding speech or the father who spent 13 years creating a one-of-a-kind graduation gift for his daughter, and I immediately get the chills. The video below, which has now been seen over 100 million times, is no different.

In it we find the father of the bride standing between his daughter and her future husband.Traditionally, this is the moment in the ceremony when the father usually says a few words into the groom’s ear while they hug, and then he places his daughter’s hands in his.

But, this incredible father wanted to do it a little bit different and the result is deeply moving.

After the father walked up, he paused and said, “Philip, I want to tell you a story.” The crowd laughed and Philip smiled, but then he continued.

He went on to describe the moment his little girl was born and how all he wanted for her was to be happy. That’s when he turns to Philip and acknowledges that she has never been happier than with him.

Watch the entire 2-minute story unfold, and share this touching father-daughter moment to inspire your friends!

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