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10-Yr-Old Loves To Prank Barber, But He Gets Hilarious Revenge With Fake Ear Trick.

When it comes to pranksters, it takes one to know one.

Hair Medics owner and barber Jude Sannicandro loves a good prank, but when his long-time customer pulled a fake cockroach stunt on him, he vowed to get revenge on the 10-year-old some day when he least expected it. Now, video of the Naples, Florida barber getting that revenge has gone viral, and it proves that one should never mess with the guy holding a sharp object.


Jude has been cutting hair for the DiPalma family for decades. He and Vito DiPalma have a great relationship, so Jude wasn’t too upset with the kid for slipping a fake cockroach onto his workspace to give him a scare.

“It scared the the crap out of me, especially because earlier that day there was a real cockroach in our bathroom,” Jude said. “I told Vito that he opened a can of worms, but he said that he wasn’t scared and was too old to cry.”


Jude secretly asked Vito’s parents for permission before exacting his revenge, and the whole family was on board for giving the boy a taste of his own medicine. So Jude took a little trip to the local joke shop and picked up some fake blood… and a fake ear.


Months after the cockroach incident, Vito showed up for his regular haircut. Everything was going fine, until Jude pulled out the “real sharp one” and started buzzing the side of Vito’s head.

“Oh, don’t move!” Jude says suddenly, holding a towel to Vito’s ear.

“Am I bleeding?” Vito asks, worry starting to creep onto his face.


Jude takes that moment to administer some of the fake blood, making it ooze out of the baggie and onto Vito’s face. When Vito’s not looking, he even smears it onto his cheek to make it look extra-bad.

“Oh no,” Vito says as he spots the blood. “Mommy!”

Jude hushes the boy and tells him not to tell his mom, muttering, “I think you’re okay, we’ll just put a little pressure on it.”


As the scene plays out, Vito becomes increasingly alarmed, and Jude gives an Oscar-worthy performance! After admitting the fake cut is worse than he thought, Vito starts to panic and asks for his mommy again.

That’s when the fake ear makes its entrance!

As the hunk of rubber tumbles down the front of Vito’s cape, the boy squeals, “Is that my ear?!”


“Well ya got another one, what’s the big deal?” Jude jokes with Vito’s mother, who can barely contain her laughter.

The big prank reveal is one of the best we’ve seen. Jude simply turns to the panicked child and asks, “Hey do you remember that roach prank, when you said I couldn’t make you cry?”

The look on Vito’s face when he realizes he’s been had is priceless! But he wants to make sure we let the record show that he didn’t cry.


Jude and the DiPalma family have all had a good laugh over this prank, and now that it’s going viral, Vito is getting a hero’s welcome wherever he goes in town. What a good sport!

But Jude better watch out– the prank war has only just begun!

Watch the funny video below, and be sure to share to make someone smile today.

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