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Dad Tracks Down Daughter’s Date & Surprises Her With Hilariously Epic Dance Prank

Dance prank

A dancing dad who went viral for his hilariously embarrassing school pickup shenanigans has truly outdone himself.

Jevin Smith, a professional dancer, has been putting his talent to good use by using it to mortify his kids when he picks them up from school. Over the years, he’s come up with dozens of unique and clever gags and shares videos of them on his Instagram page.

However, one of his daughters graduated this year, which meant Jevin needed to find new and better ways to embarrass her. So when she went on a date recently, he surprised her and her beau by dancing through the door.

Jevin used his daughter’s location finder to track her at a ramen restaurant. While wearing a long curly wig and dressed full-on 80s, he grooved his way into the date while Rockwell’s Somebody’s Watching Me blared on a stereo carried by his wife. 

The Customers Loved Jevin’s Dance Prank

Making the biggest scene he could, Jevin yelled, “Hey, hey” and did the robot all the way to his daughter’s table. Then, he helped himself to her date’s bulgogi fries while his daughter rolled her eyes.

The dad continued his dance prank by covering his head with a tee-shirt and asking, “Where did I go?” while continuing to break it down.

His daughter’s date seemed to thoroughly enjoy the prank, and so did the other customers. Jevin’s daughter even warmed up to the prank and called him over to eat with them when he headed out the door.

“I stayed and the food was really good,” he captioned over the video.

Jevin Smith’s loyal fan base loved the recent dance prank, and they’re praising his good work in the comments.

“Baby girl thought she was safe since she has graduated…NOT!!!! LOL” someone wrote.

“Just taking fries off the boy’s plate,” another laughed.

“I’m SCREAMING 😂,” a follower admitted. “What a blessing to have these memories.”

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