Girl With Alopecia Admits She Doesn’t Love Herself – So Dad Takes Drastic Step.

Chelsea Sylvaria was initially hesitant about sharing such an intimate family moment, but we’re so glad she did. Because what her husband conveys to their daughter in the video below, in less than two minutes, speaks entire volumes about the power of family and unconditional love.

Earlier this month, this wonderful mother was listing off to her daughter, Riley, all the people she knows and loves, which obviously includes Riley and the rest of her children. Her daughter went silent for a moment, then asked Chelsea if she loved herself. She said yes, of course, and didn’t Riley love herself, too?

“No,” she replied softly.


“What do you mean you don’t love yourself?”

It turns out young Riley was having some self-image issues. She has alopecia, an autoimmune disorder that affects the hair follicles, and she confided in her mom that she didn’t love herself “because I don’t have hair.”


But later that night, Chelsea’s husband Dave gave his little girl a heartfelt talk that we’re sure will stay with her the rest of her life …


“I know you would like to have hair. Daddy wishes you could have hair too, but I love you the same no matter what, and so does Mommy, and so does everybody else,” he says, lovingly caressing the back of her head.


And then, just to put a little exclamation point on that little lesson – that outside appearances cannot and do not change inner beauty – what does he do? HE SHAVES HIS HEAD!

Listen to this amazing father’s talk with his beautiful daughter about what’s really important in life, and share to spread his message!

The Love Of Family

"I am going to share one of the many reasons why I am so in love with my husband…Yesterday, I was joking around with Riley and telling her everyone I love: 'I love Riley, I love Gavin, I love Grayson', etc. Riley then looked at me and went, 'Do you love yourself?' I immediately said, 'Of course I do, you always have to love yourself! Do you love yourself?' Riley responded very softly, 'No.'I was a bit taken aback and said, 'What do you mean you don’t love yourself?' To which she uttered my worst fear, 'I don’t love myself because I don’t have hair.' (Riley has Alopecia; and we hope to raise her to be strong, confident, and loved.)Fast forward to later that night, when we got home. Dave wanted to talk to her about what she had said… this was the result. I LOVE this man with all my heart. (Riley is currently over being upset about having no hair, minor bump in the road of life!) We want her to know it’s ok to sometimes get upset, but that she is strong and beautiful—no matter what!"For our best love stories, subscribe to our free email newsletter: Love What Matters Original VideoSubmitted by Chelsea Sylvaria

Posted by Love What Matters on Monday, December 11, 2017

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