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38M+ People Are Cracking Up At This Dad’s Parenting Style When Daughter Buys Shorts.

dad short shorts

Parenting teens is no easy feat, especially when their fashion choices are not exactly our cup of tea.

Dad Jason Hilley of Orlando, Florida, understands that his daughter Kendall is growing up, but he’s still not too comfortable with the amount of leg she is showing in her brand-new jean shorts. Like most fathers of teenage girls, Jason probably longs for the days when Kendall was wearing sparkly T-shirts and pigtails but alas, those days are gone.


Kendall is growing into a lovely young lady, but when she recently modeled a new pair of jean shorts her dad was not too happy. What’s a burly dad to do when his teenager’s shorts barely cover her rear-end? Throw on a pair of his own short-shorts and show her just how awkward it feels, that’s what!

What do you think: who wore it better?


As Jason’s wife Alison recorded video on her phone, Dad knocked on Kendall’s door wearing his very own pair of “butt-cuttin’ shorts.” Kendall’s little brother Walker is dying laughing before they even get the door open, and once Kendall gets a look at her dad she can’t help but crack up too.

short short video

Jason struts his stuff into Kendall’s room and demands that she put on her new shorts. When she innocently asks which shorts his reply is straight to the point. “The new ones that we just got that were supposed to be a lot longer.”

When she doesn’t immediately find the shorts in question he ups the ante: “I’m picking you up at school in these every day unless you put them on.”

Once Kendall stops laughing she’s able to slip the shorts on, and while they are short they’re really nothing you don’t see on every other teen girl in public. Still, we have to sympathize with this dad, and he found the most hilarious way to make his point ever!


“You wear yours out in public? I will wear mine! Parenting 101!” Jason wrote as he uploaded the video Alison had taken to his Facebook page. The effect was immediate, and just days later the video had gone seriously viral with over 38 million views on Facebook alone. Parents everywhere clearly felt this dad’s pain!

What a funny guy! Take a look at Jason’s fashion show in the video below and don’t forget to share with a dad who will understand.

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