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“What If I Fall Again?” Dad Gives Best Advice To Daughter During Skateboard Practice.

two-photo collage. on the left there is a picture of aubrin who had just fallen after practicing skateboarding and her dad trying to catch her. on the right there is a picture of her dad giving her some advice

From learning how to change diapers to coming up with the right answers to some of the most random questions, most parents will attest to the fact that their job is no easy task.

Robert, a dad of two, can also confirm that parenting is one of those jobs that requires you to learn as you go. While he recognizes it’s scary to let his kids try “extreme” sports, since day one he has always tried to introduce his children to all sorts of outdoor activities. But apart from teaching them the technique behind each specific sport, he also tries to teach his children something that they can practice on a daily basis for the rest of their lives: how to conquer their fears.

One of the most recent “extreme” activities he introduced to his daughter, Aubrin Sage, was skateboarding. As you might expect when learning a sport like this, Aubrin suffered a fall while she was practicing. In an instant, Robert knew this could have an ever-lasting impact on his daughter’s life.

“What if I fall again?” Aubrin asked her dad after she fell. “Well, I am kind of scared, and I really want to do it.”

“Sometimes it’s scary doing hard things,” Robert responded, “And it’s totally up to you whether you want to give it a go right now.”

While it was tough to watch his daughter fall like that, Robert knew that this was a great chance to give her an important lesson – a lesson about not letting negative experiences keep us from trying.

“I know from intense personal experience that a bad fall can have long-lasting [psychological] effects,” Robert wrote. “And truly believe, that when possible, it’s best to get back up and try it again with the goal being to end the session with a positive experience; to not have that negative memory ruminating in your head until the next time you return to try.”

At the end of the day, Robert says he never knows what to say during moments like these, but that he ultimately responds “from the heart.”

If you ask us, he seems to be doing a great job. Kudos to this dad for giving his daughter (and to be honest, to all of us) such valuable advice!

Watch Robert give Aubrin the best advice during skateboard practice in the video below, and don’t forget to share.

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