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Dad Has Hilarious Reaction When He Gets Some Surprise Fashion Assistance During Workout.

When you’re working out, you might not pay much attention to your fashion. Whatever you wear will just get hot and sweaty, right? You’re trying to improve your health and appearance, so why bother dressing pretty? Apparently appearances do make a difference, as this dad discovered during his home workout.

Picture your den or family room. Your husband or dad is doing a workout while standing on a special rocking platform. You’ve posted the video on your TikTok channel and people are suggesting ways to improve his fashion sense. One of your fans suggests a particular type of clothing. You have a lightbulb moment and realize that you have just what his outfit is missing.

Image shows a man exercising while a family member ties an additional clothing item around his waist. He is standing on vibrating platform and the added piece of his fashion is a belly dancing jingly skirt.
Image from TikTok.

With an accomplice holding the camera and video rolling, you slide in to make a wardrobe adjustment. That look on his face is just precious. That fashion accessory definitely sets off the entire outfit!

Now you just have to dig yourself out of the hole you dug tying that belly dancing jingly skirt on him. You might want to tell him he looks a little like George Clooney. You know, butter him up a bit. Good luck!

You can find the source of this story’s featured image here.

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