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10 Silly Dad Jokes That Are Sure To Make You Groan

dad with beard and two dads

Ah, dad jokes. They are one of the only things on the planet that can make you chuckle and make you roll your eyes all at the same time.

These household comedians from TikTok have taken to creating some out-of-the-box jokes that can make kids groan all over the world.

For a quick laugh that’ll make you say, “Seriously?” check out these ten hilarious dad jokes.

1. Ugh. This joke manages to be creative and groan-worthy all at the same time.

2. Okay, okay, that’s funny. Love that this dad is sharing the wealth with the neighbors!

3. Be careful using these sorts of jokes on your spouse!

4. These puns exemplify how cleverness can somehow be so foolish!

5. Fathers must all read the same humor manual, huh?

6. Ah, yes. Literalism. The root of all dad jokes.

7. The easiest way to make a dad joke is to just combine two words.

8. Eye. Roll.

9. These types of jokes are very often just pointing things out.

10. And finally… the passing of the baton.


when he realized his son learned that #dadjoke from him 🥹 #dad#dan#dadjokes

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The dad joke is a beautiful phenomenon that serves to unite us all. Take some time to honor these jokes by telling a pun to a loved one today!

The featured images for this post are from TikTok (here and here).

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