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Dad Comes Up With “Brilliant” Babyproofing Solution, But Wife Is Not A Fan.

mom shocked holding son

Babyproofing a home is an undertaking, to say the least. There are so many baby stages you have to account for, from crawling, to walking, to running, and even climbing the stairs.

While it’s necessary for your little one’s safety, any parent knows that buying all of the tools and gadgets to protect your baby can become quite costly. That’s why some moms and dads take matters into their own hands.

So when this dad got a text from his wife wanting him to get yet another ‘stair gate’, he was baffled as to why their house needed a fifth one.


Instead of doing the easy, albeit more expensive thing and just buying a gate, Dad had an idea.


The video then cuts to him running – naturally, this is where we started to get worried about what Mom would find when she came home.

Well, this doesn’t look so bad…


But not everything is as it appears.

When Mom walks in the front door, she is (understandably) a little upset.


“Stair gate? Oh door gate,” Dad says.


You have to admit, it gets the job done!


Watch the whole video to see all the other awesome (and hilarious) uses for the door gate – and share it with your parent friends! It’s bound to make them smile.

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