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siblings in "Get Along" tshirt

21 “Dad Hacks” That Are Hilariously Genius!

Being a parent is one of the hardest jobs out there – and the truth is, no one really knows what they’re doing… but these dads have figured out their own “style” of parenting.

Their special twists are not only extremely entertaining, they’re actually pretty ingenious, too!

Check ’em out… and take notes.

1. Using a rope to swing your kid while having a refreshing beverage… brilliant.

  • via reddit

2. If you don’t have time to buy a slide… just use cardboard on the stairs!

3. Make your kids get along in a very “close” way…

  • via pinterest

4. Multi-purpose baby clothes… they rock.

5. Cribs have many different accessaries…

6. If you’re a parent who loves gaming…

7. Rockin the crib… in a more “inventive” way.

  • via imgur

8. There’s no longer a need to buy a toilet seat heater…

  • via boredpanda

9. Keep that “soft touch” throughout the entire nap.

10. The most efficient way to tie a pony tail you’ll ever see!

11. By far the most resourceful way to baby-proof a column of drawers.

  • via imalazymom

12. Avoid making a scene before taking medicine.

13. The “Last Minute Switch” move is a cry-free way to get kids to eat veggies.


14. Don’t waste and inch of toilet paper!

15. Double Whammy: Let your kids flex their artistic skills AND keep the walls clean.

16. Have fun while you go for a stroll!

17. Point, aim and shoot.

18. The age-old “bed sheet hammock on table” trick.

19. Keeping the kids’ toys from floating away by washing them in a laundry bin.

20. Yet another amazing way to get the kids to do chores!

21. Temporary tattoos that stay on for a week if your kid gets lost… this one’s just genius.

Share these hilarious dad hacks if they are all too familiar 🙂

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