Mom Calls 911 With Hilarious “Fashion Emergency” & Dispatchers Can’t Stop Laughing.

fashion emergency

Taking calls as an emergency dispatcher is one of the most stressful jobs a person can have.

Day after day, these dedicated employees stay calm and collected while continuously listening to the worst moments of others’ lives. It’s a job that takes a mental toll on even the toughest individuals. That’s what made Florida dispatchers so grateful when a woman called in with some much-needed comic relief.

emergency dispatch

In early February, Diana Wicks of Gainesville was helping her son get ready for a wedding when she realized neither of them knew how to correctly tie a tie. That’s when she decided to bring in authorities to assist with her fashion emergency.

The funny mom called the Alachua County Sheriff’s Office, where a dispatcher asked if she had an emergency before listening to her hilarious request.

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“No,” Diana explains. “I don’t have an emergency, I’m outside the door, do you have an officer in there that knows how to tie a tie?”

“I’m sorry, an officer that knows how to what, ma’am?” the dispatcher asks.

“Tie a tie,” Diana repeats, explaining she’d already ironed her son’s clothes and prepared everything else, except the tie.

shoes and tie

Hannah Mesh, a newly trained 911 dispatcher, offered her services, taking the tie, looping it around her neck, and expertly tying it for Diana’s son.

The sheriff’s office thought it was adorable how much Diana cared about helping her son look his best. “And that small task throughout our entire day made my day and a lot of my coworkers’ day,” Hannah said.


Fellow dispatcher Cyndi Marie added, “Answering non stop calls 24/7 365 days a year of people’s worse nightmares takes a toll on dispatchers. This amazing woman’s need of assistance brightened everyone’s day in that center. It’s refreshing and helps energize us for the next ‘worse nightmare.'”

It’s important to mention that Diana’s call didn’t delay or prevent officers from responding to real emergencies. What it did do was give dispatchers a nice respite from all the stresses of their job. Diana is such a sweet lady for looking out for her son.

Learn more about how Diana brightened dispatchers’ days in the video below, and share with anyone who needs a good laugh.

Mom who can't tie son's tie goes to sheriff's office with fashion emergency

ACT OF KINDNESS: This mom couldn't tie her son's tie so she went to the sheriff's office to asked if anyone there could save the day – and they happily solved her fashion emergency ❤️

Posted by CBS News on Wednesday, February 6, 2019

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