Dad And Baby Spent Entire Year “Dubsmashing,” Surprised Mommy With This Epic Video.

Have you heard of Dubsmash? It’s app that allows users to select audio clips record themselves lip syncing to it. And this daddy and his baby, Jack, are Dubsmash masters.


The father-son duo lip sync to audio from classic movies, TV shows, and songs to create a hilarious and most entertaining dubbing movie.

Well, the father– Eric– really does all the lip syncing, but the baby is adorable and looks like he’s having a great time with dad. Special guest appearances feature the family dog, of course.

Eric and Jack dub over classic jams from “The Safety Dance” to “Friend Like Me” from Disney’s Aladdin, to a Adele’s “Hello.” And definitely don’t miss Whitney Houston’s “I Will Always Love You!”

Even better than the songs they dub are the movies. They have The Wizard of Oz, Harry Potter (“Turn to page 394″… hilarious!), and– my personal favorite– The Lord of the Rings, with father and son playing Frodo and Sam. And I especially love the moment where the crying baby is dubbed over with Chewbacca.

The Dubsmashes were recorded over an entire year. Eric’s goal was to give his wife, Priscilla, a surprise gift. I’m sure Priscilla loved the hilarious compilation! Eric is exceptionally skilled at lip-syncing, and the baby’s reactions to dad are hilarious; most of the time he’s smiling and laughing… occasionally he gets a “Dad, you’re so embarrassing” face. Too cute!

Check out the video below and share the love!


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