Rude Customers Mock Special Needs Child At Nearby Table, But Waiter Intervenes With Most Beautiful Comment.

waiter and child with down syndrome

Last week, a mom named Kim Castillo was out for dinner at Laurenzo’s in her hometown of Houston, Texas with her family when they met an unexpected hero: their server, named Michael Garcia. Garcia has been working at the restaurant for over two years, and he thought this night would be routine, like any other. When his regulars, Kim came in with her family, including her 5-year-old named Milo, Michael seated them in a booth. But when Milo, who has Down syndrome, became restless and noisy, the night took a disheartening turn.


The family sitting at a table adjacent to Kim and Milo’s complained to Michael about the sounds Milo was making. They said the little girl was disturbing their dinner and requested to be moved to a new table. Michael moved them, attempting to keep the peace, but when he heard an ugly remark… That was the last straw.

little down syndrome child

“Special needs children need to be special somewhere else.” someone at the table said, loudly enough for Michael to clearly overhear. Worse than that, Kim heard the hurtful comment about her child. But that’s when Michael stepped in. “How could you say that?” He said to the rude customer. “How could you say that about a beautiful 5-year-old angel?” After that, he refused to serve the family and they quickly left.

Kim said she was grateful for Michael’s boldness on behalf of her family. Michael risked being fired in order to defend this little child, but he was stood up for what was right regardless.

Thankfully, the restaurant where Michael works supported the server’s decision.

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