Curious Raccoons Steal The Spotlight During Portrait Photoshoot.

These adorable raccoons got their portraits taken!

What would you do if a couple of wild raccoons interrupted your perfectly curated photoshoot? When faced with this exact situation, one TikToker decided to make the woodland creatures the stars of the show! Mary, a portrait photographer, was preparing for a session when a pair of raccoons wandered onto the scene. Instead of shooing them away, she snapped a few photos of the adorable moment and shared them on social media.


Some users pointed out that raccoons are nocturnal, so daytime wandering could be a sign of illness — namely, rabies. While extreme caution should always be exercised around wild animals, the Human Society tells us that there are a variety of reasons one of these critters could be out past curfew. The main thing to look out for is strange behavior. It seems like Mary’s new raccoon friends were just feeling cute that day!

Watch the video below to see how these raccoon portraits turned out.

You can find the source of this story’s featured image here.

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