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Curiosity Didn’t Kill The Cat Thanks To These Kind Kids And Cops!

You never know when you might need to step up and become a hero for a helpless animal!

Friends Tavarius and Omari were walking in their Savannah, Georgia neighborhood when they heard the unmistakable sound of a kitten meowing. They traced the sound to a storm drain, but the boys couldn’t quite reach the terrified black kitten stuck deep inside the cement grate.

The intrepid tweens called the fire department and the Savannah Police Department. Officers Olivia Buttner and Gary Van Bramer arrived to help out and quickly devised a plan with the boys to save the kitten.

Body camera footage shows Tavarius lying flat on his belly in an attempt to reach the animal, but even the adults couldn’t quite stretch that far. They tried using a rake, but that didn’t do the trick either. Finally they got help from another officer and removed a man hole cover, giving them the extra space they needed to pull the cat free.

Incredibly, the scaredy-cat then bolted into another treacherous situation!

“Obviously traumatized by the incident, the little kitty tried to hightail it out of there after his initial rescue, and ended up in another tight spot – climbing up under the nearby patrol car,” Savannah Police wrote on Facebook. “On hands and knees, the officers and boys followed the little meows and eventually pulled the curious cat out, holding extra tight to keep him safe this time.”

Tavarius named the kitten “Stormy” and decided to adopt him, but not before officers gave the kitten “a stern talking to” about “the dangers of storm drains, cars, and remind him of the old saying ‘curiosity killed the cat.'”

“We’re not animal control, but we’re happy to help when anyone – human or animal – needs our help,” they concluded.

Strong work, officers and kids! These people all went out of their way to help a defenseless creature. That’s not only good karma, it’s truly serving your community. Thank you all!

Watch the whole rescue below, and be sure to share.

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