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Cunning Child Dupes Mom Into A Mental-Health Day With Lip Gloss And “Starbies.”

A little girl sits in the backseat of a car. She's wearing sparkly sunglasses and dances as she holds an open lip gloss in her hands.

As a parent, there are lots of phone calls you dread getting, including ones from your kid’s school. You hope they aren’t in trouble, of course, but you also never want to hear that they’re sick and need to come home, often changing all of the plans you had for the day. But that’s what happened to Haleigh Booth last week when she got a call from the nurse at her daughter’s school. You never quite know what to expect when picking up a sick child from school, but I have a feeling Haleigh definitely wasn’t picturing this.

Soon after her kiddo Harper was in the backseat, it appeared as though she may have been duped. Donning sparkly sunglasses, Harper began to happily dance to the music playing in the car, all while putting on layers and layers of lip gloss. Haleigh caught the moment on camera, but getting caught didn’t seem to alarm Harper, who carried on with her dancing.

“She then asked to get some Starbies,” Haleigh wrote on TikTok.

While faking sick isn’t a great habit to pick up, I do have to agree with the sentiments of the commenters on Haleigh’s video: Sometimes, you just need to take a mental health day with some good tunes, a stylish outfit, and Starbies!

Watch Harper enjoy her cleverly planned mental-health day in the video below.

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