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Dad Utters 1 Word & Chubby Baby Throws The Cutest Fit You’ll Ever See.

baby cries yay

We all have those words that we absolutely despise… moist, phlegm, and chunky seem to be popular ones. (Or unpopular, depending on how you see it.)

And while hearing or saying them certainly might cause some to shudder or feel a sense of uneasiness, most people are able to get over it without launching into a full-on meltdown. But most people aren’t this tiny baby…

Little Adam is just six and a half months old in the below video and obviously doesn’t know the meaning of most words. But that doesn’t mean he can’t have extreme(ly adorable) reactions to hearing them!


The clip starts with the happy-go-lucky tot smiling. When his mom and dad say, “Achooo!”he responds with delight.

But as soon as his dad says one specific word, the adorable little boy breaks down into an absolute fit.


The word? Ironically, it’s “yay,”which, as we all know, is meant to express happiness!

Some guess that this could be caused by something called word aversion, which is a totally normal characteristic for all human beings. For the same reason others might not like the words mentioned above, the baby doesn’t like “yay,”simply because of the way it rolls off the tongue.


As sad as it is that “yay”leaves Adam in tears, it’s hard not to chuckle at his reaction. Especially since his parents know the perfect verbal cure: “Achooo!â€

Watch the video below to see it happen, and don’t forget to share to spread some giggles.

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