Meet The 2 Fierce Little Dachshunds Who Helped “Free” The Ship Lodged In Suez Canal.

Egypt’s maritime shipping is finally back in action after a treacherous halt. According to Crusoe the Dachshund, it was all thanks to two hardworking wiener dogs!

Last month, a ship called the Ever Given became lodged across the Suez Canal, causing a traffic jam of over 400 vessels on either side. Luckily, the massive boat is finally in the clear after nearly two stressful weeks. Though major news sources explained that it was freed thanks to a flotilla of dredging vessels and tugboats, pups across the internet have a different idea of how it all went down….

A breed known for their unwavering determination and bravery in spite of their miniature stature, dachshunds are not ones to back away from a challenge.

Pups Crusoe and Oakley sized up the Suez Canal debacle and decided it was a job made for a pack of determined canines!

In a video circulating the web, we see the mini pooches digging feverishly in the dirt in a valiant effort to set the Ever Given free! We can tell they mean business, too, because they even donned special dachshund-sized safety vests and hard hats for the occasion.

Their brave attempts really paid off! These tiny digging experts did what they came to do – armed with nothing but their paws!

“The media doesn’t like to give us credit, but it was actually two hardworking little wiener dogs​ who cleared the Suez Canal​ and freed the Ever Given​ container ship to continue on its way,” Crusoe’s human explained on YouTube. “Thankfully, those pups earned some well-deserved treats for their great digging and excavating skills! Good job, pups!”

Now the Suez Canal can go back to business as usual. Kudos to these two quick-to-action doggos, Crusoe and Oakley, for all their hard work!

Watch the fierce pups in action in the video below, and share this adorable “breaking news” with a friend.

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