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Cute Video Captures Baby Goat Trying To Escape His Adoring Mongoose Fans.

You know the feeling you get when someone is standing right behind you? Now magnify that by 20.

One quiet day in 2018, a baby goat named Abel first experienced that eerie sensation. The kid had been living at the Forever Harnas Wildlife Foundation in Namibia since he was born, and he was an extremely happy little guy! How could he not be with a best friend like this lamb named Aaron?

Of course, life at the sanctuary wasn’t always smiles and sunshine. In fact, Abel managed to develop his own personal fan club… which he wasn’t exactly thrilled about.

You see, he had plenty of other animal species as his neighbors. While they could live harmoniously together, the creatures who took a shine to Abel sometimes look like this:

Meet the banded mongoose, an animal that is commonly found in central and eastern parts of Africa.

Unlike most mongoose species that prefer leading solitary lives, these little ones exist in complex social structures called colonies. What that meant to Abel was that when a mongoose started following him around all day, it didn’t come alone. No, the whole pack joined in the fun!

In a video shared on the foundation’s Facebook page, we see that poor Abel can’t seem to get a minute to himself.

Every time he turns his back on his adoring fans, the entire colony of curious mongooses follows hot on his heels. As soon as he senses them, he turns around and bravely tries to scare them off.

Sadly for the determined goat, while the mongooses scatter at the sight of his budding horns, they all scamper back the second he gets distracted.

We’re not sure why these small animals became so obsessed with following Abel around, but it’s all in good fun!

This is one feisty goat! With any luck, he and his mongoose posse have become best friends by now!

Watch Abel’s adorable attempts to get some privacy in the video below, and be sure to share this story with an animal lover you know.

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