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Couple’s Paint Night Ends In Hilarity When Husband Reveals “Atrocious” Portrait Of His Wife

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Date nights are an essential part of any working relationship. Whether you go out with your partner or stay in together, they keep communication open. Some couples go bowling, walk in the park, or eat in a candlelit restaurant. One couple opted for a paint night, where they stayed in and painted each other’s portraits. The results were indescribable.

First, the wife’s painting is shown. She did a fairly accurate representation of her husband. For an amateur painter, it is recognizable when held up next to him. The brush strokes are broad, but the colors and tone match well. She even attempted shading to note facial features with the nose and cheekbones. It is rather abstract but not quite Picasso’s abstract. Her rendition might be along the lines of a fourth-grade abstract.

Image shows her painting of her spouse, held by him after a couple's paint night.
Image from X.

When it came time to show his masterpiece, he was hesitant to turn it around. We are glad that they moved the phone while recording so we could see her expression. Amazingly, she didn’t immediately request a divorce. Wait, my mom always told me that if I couldn’t say something nice, not to say anything. Let me start over.

In his painting, which might be considered a kindergarten-level abstract, he captured the essence of her long, flowing hair. The part of her hair is roughly in the correct place. She has all her bits and pieces: two eyes, two ears, bright, full lips, and a nose. He even remembered the eyebrows.

Image shows his painting of his spouse, held by her after a couple's paint night.
Image from X.

OK, I can’t do it. I can’t keep saying nice things. He painted his wife and made her look like Bigfoot! There, I said it. You were thinking it, too, I know. He also included a little forest scene at the bottom with some “happy little trees.”

Try a Couple’s Paint Night At Home

Fortunately, the beautiful wife had a great sense of humor and laughed at their couple’s paint night results. If you try this at home with your partner, you might discover your inner artist or find out that your spouse has no painting talent. No matter your results, it can make for a fun evening of shared time.

This couple is exercising the fun aspects of spending time together. If you know any couples that might want to try this activity, please share it with them.

You can find the source of this story’s featured image here.

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