In Sickness And In Health: Couple With Dementia Inspires The World With Their Love.

husband kissing his wife's forehead while he does her hair.

Wedding vows can include a variety of promises, but one of the most famous ones has to be the line that includes “in sickness and in health.” If you’re unsure of what this phrase means exactly, we have the perfect example for you: Sarah Kennedy’s parents.


According to Sarah, both of her parents suffer from dementia which is known to be a difficult and painful condition for both the person going through it and their loved ones. And yet, despite all the frustration and bad days that this condition entails, Sarah’s parents never miss the opportunity to show their love for one another.

In a heartwarming post, Sarah shared a video of her dad doing her mom’s hair with all the love and care that anyone could ever wish for. The post has gotten more than 1 million likes, and we can totally see why! The way her dad kisses her mom’s forehead is just the most precious thing in the world.

After receiving an overwhelming response from social media users, Sarah decided to post more videos of her loving parents.

“… the world is crying out for more demonstrations of love, acts of kindness and hope in darkness,” Sarah wrote.

Watching Sarah’s parents love each other serves as a great reminder that true and everlasting love does exist. Yes, there will be hardships along the way, but true love never dies!

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