“It Was Just Perfect.” Rhode Island Couple Ties The Knot In The Middle Of A Blizzard.

a bride named sally faulkner and a groom named adam irujo standing outside for their wedding ceremony as a crowd of their family and friends stand nearby and watch

Over a year ago, Sally Faulkner and Adam Irujo joked about the possibility of a massive blizzard hitting the weekend of their wedding.

That joke quickly became a reality when, just days before their ceremony, reports of incoming heavy snow began to circulate. Still, having grown up in Rhode Island, the couple didn’t think much of it at first.

“We were like, ‘Every storm ends up being a dud,'” Sally said. Adam added, “They say a foot, and it’s three inches all the time.”

As hopeful as they were that this storm would be another false alarm, things became all too real when their wedding planner called the day before the ceremony with bad news. A blizzard was officially on its way, and some of their vendors had already canceled on them.

“We were very stubborn at first,” Sally said, “and I cried for 30 seconds.”

As upset as they were initially, this determined couple quickly shifted their mindset and went into planning mode. Within an hour and a half, they had everything figured out. Their Saturday wedding was canceled, but they were able to reschedule with all of their vendors for the very next day.

But with dozens of friends and family still arriving that night for their rehearsal dinner, they decided to make the most of the situation and still celebrate with everyone. Even Saturday was turned into a day of fun with plans to enjoy a delicious brunch at a hotel followed by a snowball fight.

Then Adam’s dad, the officiant of the ceremony, had an amazing idea.

Since the couple’s marriage license and favors were dated for January 29, why not go ahead and have a quick ceremony at the hotel?

Sally and Adam were hesitant at first, but with the help of their families, they put together the best blizzard wedding ceremony anyone could have imagined!

Rather than having it at the hotel, their group traveled in the snow to their venue, a local library. They weren’t able to go inside, of course, but the staircase outside was good enough!

“It was just the bones of the ceremony,” Adam said. “‘Do you take him?’ ‘Do you take her?’ There was nothing to overthink or stumble over. It was just perfect.”

Instead of a typical reception, their impromptu ceremony was followed by a snowball fight. After that, they enjoyed some champagne back at the hotel, where they spent the rest of the day playing games and relaxing.

Thankfully, the storm lightened up enough for them to follow through with their original plans the next day – not that this sweet couple ended up minding the blizzard.

“Little did we know it turned into a three-, almost four-day continuous party in a snowstorm,” Adam said. “It could not have been better. We would not change a thing.”

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