15 Memes You’ll Love No Matter How You Feel About Valentine’s Day

i'm alone and i love it meme

Valentine’s Day can be a polarizing holiday. Some people can’t get enough of the opportunity to celebrate love… others, not so much!


For some “singletons,” as Bridget Jones called them, the day can feel like a reminder of what we’re missing, but we prefer to think of it as a great chance to focus on loving ourselves! No matter how you feel about it, the internet has a perfect meme for all types of Valentine’s fans and foes – even if you don’t care about love at all and are only in it for the chocolate!

1. Tacos with a side of Flamin’ Hot Cheetos = our love language.

2. Welcome to retail, where the seasons change so fast you could get whiplash.

3. There are two types of single people on Valentine’s Day.

4. It’s best to keep those expectations low. Lower… lower… there you go.

5. If you know me, you already know I want the chicken.

6. As long as there’s Netflix and snacks, we’re in.

7. No shame in this game! Treat yo’ self!

8. “We met at the local pizzeria. It was love at first sight.”

9. There’s such a thing as single and not ready to mingle.

10. And they say romance is dead.

11. Why be subtle when you could get what you want instead?

12. This is a completely reasonable request.

13. Run faster, they’re gaining on you!

14. Crying burns calories, right?

15. You say “last-minute gift I bought at the gas station” like it’s a bad thing!

If there’s one thing we can all agree on, it’s that laughter can get us through just about anything! Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone!

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