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Country Star Pauses Show, Pledges To Pay Fan’s College Tuition

View from audience at a Jelly Roll concert. The singer stands on stage while one fan, who wears a large hat, holds up her phone with a message on it for him.

Joy Gadalla was already a massive fan of Jelly Roll, but now that he’s helping pay for her tuition, she’s sure to be one for life. To fully appreciate how and why this even happened, it’s important to learn more about Joy’s journey to applying for college in the first place. This Tennessee resident has gone through many ups and downs in life. That’s why she is proud to share that she’s been sober for a year and seven months!

Her various struggles are part of the reason why she is so drawn to Jelly Roll, both his music and who he is as a person. In fact, she says, he played a role in her sobriety journey, as the country star has dealt with his own addiction issues. It’s no wonder, then, that Joy jumped at the chance to see the singer for free at the SkyDeck in Nashville. To do so, she stood in line for about five hours.

As thrilled as Joy was to be at the show, there was something weighing on her mind. Just days before, she had applied to Bellmont University in hopes of pursuing a career as a criminal justice lawyer. But the reality of paying for tuition was hitting her. That’s why, during the show, she made an impromptu decision: to ask Jelly Roll if he’d be willing to help.

Jelly Roll Fan Asks if He’ll Help Pay Her College Tuition… And His Answer Leaves Her Speechless

To ask the question, Joy held up her phone. On it was an image of a black background with the words, “Please pay my tuition” written on it. Much to the fan’s surprise, Jelly Roll not only saw it but was quick to agree.

“I’m going to give you the opportunity to change your life right here on this date,” Jelly Roll tells her. “I’m gonna send somebody out from my team to get you. We’re gonna talk about what college you go to and what your GPA is, and if all that checks out we will help you get through school…”

Needless to say, Joy couldn’t be more grateful for Jelly Roll’s generosity!

“I was crying. I was stressing,” Joy admits. “I took a moment to breathe and pray and I knew that everything was going to be okay. I knew that God was going to take care of everything.”

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