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Mangy Stray Cat Stuns Foster Mom When He’s Finally Able To Open His Eyes.

When a resident in southeast Florida found a stray cat eating out of his own pet’s food bowl a few months back, his heart went out to the poor guy.

He gobbled down the kibble as if there was no tomorrow, hungry for any kind of nourishment. But that wasn’t it, he was also suffering from a case of mange that was so severe, his eyes were crusted shut. How long had this poor feline been wandering the streets, essentially blind?

The kind man lured the cat into a carrier with a bowl of food and reached out for help on social media. That’s when Carmen Morales Weinberg saw his post and got in touch with the Good Samaritan. As founder of a local rescue group, Animal Friends Project, she knew just how to care for the poor cat.

Carmen took him to a nearby vet where he was treated for a variety of conditions, including mange, dehydration, and malnourishment.

Surprisingly, the cat – who was later named Cotton – warmed up to his rescuers pretty quickly, perhaps sensing that they only wanted to help. Carmen took him home and gave him a safe place to recover.

“Cotton stayed hunched over for days and days and seemed very uncomfortable,” Carmen said, but he came around bit by bit, gradually gaining weight. His fur also started to regrow to its former glory.

But he had a big surprise for her, once his eyes were healed enough to open:

This stunning beauty has heterochromia iridum, a condition that results in different-colored irises. It affects humans and dogs but when it comes to cats, it generally manifests itself in white-colored felines.

What a transformation! To go from a desperate stray to a beautiful and well-loved cat is so wonderful to see.

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