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Loyal Corgi Refuses To Leave Mom’s Side During Birth & The Photos Are So Moving.

As Brooke Ellington of Texas prepared to meet her third child, the busy mom was focusing on making her home the perfect environment for her planned home birth.

Brooke is a doula by trade, so she understand the process of birth better than most moms-to-be, but she was still shocked when she realized she had a built-in birth coach at home she’d never even considered beforehand.

Kristin Ann Photography

Meet the Ellington’s 1-year-old Corgi, Ranger. AKA the best birth buddy anyone could ever want.

After Brooke and her husband, Steven, lost their first Corgi a year before, they went out and adopted Ranger to “fill the hole in their hearts.” They could never have grasped just how much the little dog would do just that, or how devoted he’d become to his new family in just a few short months.

Kristin Ann Photography

As soon as Brooke’s labor began she called her photographer friend Kristin Waner of Kristin Ann Photography to capture the moments leading up to baby Berkeley’s birth. Kristin was on hand throughout the day, and she instantly noticed that Ranger was present just about every time she raised her camera to snap a shot.

Kristin Ann Photography

Brooke took comfort in her canine companion by reaching down to scratch his head, and Ranger reciprocated by giving her hand a gentle kiss and nuzzling as close to her as he could as she lay in the birthing tub.

“You could tell he loves her more than anything and wanted to help her through her labor,” said Kristin.

Just look at his little concerned face!

Kristin Ann Photography

Brooke didn’t even realize how closely Ranger was sticking by her side until after labor was over and she was holding her baby girl. “I remember him checking in with me from time to time, but I didn’t realize he was right there by my whole side the entire time until I saw the photos,” she said. “I was in tears seeing how loyal and curious he was.”

Once the baby made her entrance, Ranger turned his attention on his new human sibling, showering her with affection and serving as her constant protector.

Kristin Ann Photography

“He follows me around and gets a sniff or lick every time I set Berkeley down,” Kristin explained. “He’s so protective of her always, staying close and keeping an eye on her. I think now he gets she’s here to stay, so he wants to find his place in this new normal for our family.

Kristin Ann Photography

What a good boy. Ranger is proof positive that dogs truly become family members!

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