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Cop Pulls Over Young Army Vet – Then Sees Item On Dashboard & Breaks Down.

William Jazwinski was finally home.

The young military man had just returned from a 15-month tour of Iraq. While on the highway one day, he saw red and blue lights in the rearview. Unsure of what he had done wrong, Jazwinski calmly pulled over and awaited his fate as the officer approached.


Check out Jazwinski’s first-hand account of what happened in his Facebook post below.

Me- Good morning officer. Was I speeding?

Officer- Good morning, no not speeding. Just wanted to stop ya and say thank you for your service.

Me- Oooh the bumper sticker, nice. Your welcome sir. My pleasure.

Officer- Where did you serve?

Me- I went to Iraq. Did a 15 monther. Out of Ft Benning.

Officer- Well alright. My son went to Iraq. He didn’t make it home.

Me- Man, I’m so sorry to hear that. I just finished a PTSD program.

Officer- I see you have a flag in the truck. The one we got for him, well, it’s at the house. Can I ask a question?


Officer- Do you mind stepping out and receiving a hug. You remind me of my son. I pulled you over. I thought you were him. I still don’t believe it most days he’s gone.


With tears in both our eyes, I got out and hugged that man.I’mm talking about for a minute or two crying. Down to our knees crying. I needed that.

To all the family and friends of soldiers, fighting or done fighting, God bless you. Your peace and your hearts. It’s so hard without them, I know. This road is a tremendous one. Love to all.

In a moment of intense vulnerability, both men were able to heal from wounds that go deeper than the skin. Veterans returning from war fight their demons on a daily basis. We can all do a little more to reach out and let them know how much their sacrifice means.

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