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Cop Approaches Terrified Animal Stuck In Fence With Blanket, Dashcam Captures Entire Rescue.

Cop saving deer stuck in fence

Last week, senior police officer Rich Holt, of the Rapid City, South Dakota Police Department, got an unusual call. Rich was told his help was needed on Anamosa Street bridge, over the interstate. But there was no car accident, fight, or other disturbance of that sort. Instead, there was a deer stuck in a fence!

“As a police officer you never know what situations the community will call upon you to help with.” said Officer Hold. “It isn’t always your responsibility, but when no one else is available, you do what needs to be done.”

In the video below, Holt approaches the frightened deer carefully. It immediately freaks out when it sees the large man approaching, but he throws a blanket over the panicked animal’s face so that he can’t hurt it with his pushing or scare it further. Then, with just a couple of pushes, the deer is freed!

The rescue isn’t dissimilar from this story about a team of firefighters who saved some stuck kittens from a storm drain, or this story about a team of firefighters and deputies together pulling a Bald Eagle from the grille of a car.

Only this time, the animal was rescued by only one man!

Check out the heroic moment below.

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