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Not Even A Fence Can Stand In The Way Of Toddler’s Game Of Fetch With Neighbor’s Dog.

fence fetch video

This toddler and his fuzzy buddy won’t let anything stand in the way of a good time, not even a fence!

Recently, Minnesota resident Chad Nelson posted a short video of his 2-year-old son, Conway, playing fetch with his neighbor’s Labrador retriever, Dozer. But this isn’t just any old game of fetch, and what you’re about to see will forever redefine the meaning of “adorable.â€

boy throwing ball

Young Conway runs out into the yard and throws a high, arcing ball over the fence. At first, you might think, ‘Oh no, how will he ever get his ball back?’

But moments later, you see Dozer’s figure dashing between the slats, leaping up, and catching the ball mid-air. But if Conway thinks he’s off the hook, he’s got another thing coming!

Half a second later, Dozer’s head pops back over the wall and he spits out the ball, eagerly awaiting another throw. His tail’s probably wagging so hard back there it’s kicking up a dust storm.

boy and dog

This adorable play date took place at their neighbor Erin Richter’s home near Minneapolis-St.Paul, Minnesota, and she says her own son Landon’s been playing ball with Dozer for more than a year. It’s game over for Landon whenever the toy gets too slimy, “but Dozer will keep dropping balls or bones over until he has to go inside!”

conway nelson

Chad, a photojournalist, played baseball in college and taught his son how to throw when he was still just a baby, which accounts for the strong arm so many viewers have commented about:

boy and dog comment3

Yeah, it’s adorable, he agrees, which is the whole reason he put it out there for others to enjoy. But he’s been a little taken aback by how much attention the video’s gotten since it went up. “We just thought Conway was being cute and our friends would like it,”he adds, “and all of sudden it’s being shared to thousands of people.”

This short video has brought joy to countless people, with one viewer aptly calling it “pure happiness in its simplest form.”

boy and dog comment2

So if you want to see happiness in its purest form, watch the video below and get ready to smile. And don’t forget to share!

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