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“It’s 7 In The Morning,” Woman Hilariously Struggles Finding “Off” Button On Singing Cockatiel

Left image shows a cockatiel singing "September" at 7AM. Right image shows a closeup of the cockatiel.

Kiki is a cockatiel who belongs on a stage. Currently, TikTok is his stage. He is featured in many videos. Kiki loves to hear the sound of his voice, so he sings a lot. One of the cockatiel’s favorite pastimes is singing “September” by Earth, Wind, and Fire. The bird is a free-range house pet, meaning he isn’t typically in a cage, even at night. That can lead to early wake-up singing of his favorite tune.

Kiki might start a party without you and break out in song during the middle of the day. Singing “September” isn’t the cockatiel’s only song. Sometimes, he’s happy and knows it… in the middle of the night. Since stomping his feet doesn’t create the required sound effect, Kiki raps his beak against any hard surface to “stomp” and “clap.”

Ring tones are another of Kiki’s favorite sounds to emulate. So if you hear your phone ringing incessantly, it is probably just Kiwi having fun. His owner can’t eat in peace, either. Every time she sits down to eat, Kiki jumps onto her head to see what he is missing.

Kiki with his animals friends. Cat in the left image and dog in the right image.
Images from TikTok here and here.

Kiki has other animal friends, too. He frequently has lovely conversations with the ginger tabby cat. The cat hasn’t eaten him yet, so he must not be totally annoying. When he talks to the dog, the dog seems to be asking for rescue with his facial expressions. Kiki talks a lot.

There is lots of cute content on Kiki’s TikTok channel, which his human mom manages. You will enjoy his silly antics if you’re a bird lover. You will laugh, and that is always a good thing. Hop on over and give them a follow.

You can find the source of this story’s featured image here and here.

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