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Concert In The Sky: Violinist’s Breathtaking Performance In Hot Air Balloon

View from a violinist giving a violin concert from an air balloon.

The right music has the ability to totally transform any moment into something unforgettable. This is no doubt part of the reason why Ryan Naeseh has such a huge following online. Here, you’ll find videos of the violinist playing some of the most beautiful melodies at locations you’d never expect. This includes a mini violin concert that takes place inside a hot air balloon!

According to Ryan’s social media caption, this song comes from the film Howl’s Moving Castle, made by the popular animation studio called Studio Ghibli. Their animated pictures are known for many things, including some of the most stunning visuals and music. It’s fitting, then, that Ryan plays one of their songs to accompany such a breathtaking view.

@poviolinist Howl’s moving castle 🌞 babyyyy #violin #gopro #fyp #music #sky ♬ original sound – Poviolinist

As others have pointed out, the view below is both scary and calming. And seeing things from the perspective of the person playing the violin makes it all-the-more interesting.

Breathtaking Violin Concert in a Hot Air Balloon Stuns Millions

View from a violinist giving a violin concert from an air balloon.

Folks have also pointed out that, based on the quality of the sound, the music we’re hearing was probably recorded separately. Still, people are in love with the combination of the views and the music!

“This is probably my sign to go tune my violin and practice,” one person writes.

“Imagine if there was a place in the world where everyone could hear you,” another shares. “This is how this made me feel.”

You can find the source of this story’s featured image here!

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