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Wholesome Alert: “I Just Hired This Young Girl And This Was Her Response”

Four panels showing a women doing a happy dance in response to being hired for a job.

September 29, 2020, was a day that changed two women’s lives. The day they met, Kayallah Jones was interviewing for a job with Dakara Spence. Dakara owned The Spot, a restaurant and sports bar opening in Decatur, GA. Kayallah was there trying to get a waitress job or any paid position. Dakara liked this 21-year-old because “she had good energy.” Kayallah left feeling she did well in the interview. With just the thought of being hired, her response nailed the job for her.

After spending the previous two years homeless, Kayallah needed change. When leaving The Spot, she took a breath and did a quick, happy dance. She didn’t know Dakara was watching on the restaurant’s closed-circuit TV (CCTV). After the positive interview, that little happy dance convinced Dakara to make the hire. She called Kayallah and hired her as a server. But that wasn’t the most amazing thing for these two women! Dakara posted the security camera footage on Instagram, which went viral, collecting more than 1.5 million views.

Both frames show parts of the happy dance a woman did after getting a job.
Images from Instagram.

That video is still just the tip of the iceberg. These two women went on a whirlwind tour of talk shows and news programs, interviewing with “The Today Show,” the “Ellen Show,” and more. It seemed like the entire nation was celebrating with Kayallah. And we were. During one interview, Dakara said that she had been homeless at one point and that Kayallah reminded her of herself.

Why Kayallah’s Response To Being Hired Made A Difference

These two women bonded during and after that job interview, giving the nation hope for new beginnings. Dakara hired Kayallah, and her response was golden. If you remember, things weren’t so great in the Autumn months of 2020. The nation was slowly beginning to emerge from quarantine and restrictions from the COVID-19 pandemic. We needed to see Kayallah’s happy dance response to being hired. The words displayed at the bottom of the screen during their Today Show interview say it all: “>>WE NEED THEM.”

Dakara Spence and Kayallh Jones during an interview on the Today Show
Image from YouTube.

These two women from Decatur, GA, had no clue what they brought to our lives. It is almost four years later. We don’t know if these two are still at The Spot. It doesn’t matter. At InspireMore, we wanted to reflect on this moment and remind people that we all need a two-second happy dance on occasion. If you’re feeling stressed or overwhelmed, take a breath, glance around, and do a happy dance! Kayallah’s smile and this response to the hire made millions of us smile. Thank you, Kayallah and Dakara, for reminding us to smile, laugh, and dance.

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