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pinky swear

I’m 44 Years Old & Sealing A Promise With A Pinky Swear.


This year I am committed to keeping important relationships not just alive but thriving. It’s so easy to let friendships slip. It’s so easy to cancel a lunch date. It’s so easy to go days or weeks without checking in. Text messages go unanswered.

Our lives are busy and full and sometimes complicated but I stand firm in my resolve that no matter how busy I am, there is time for what matters. Friendships matter.

Melanie Forstall

This is a picture of me and my lifelong friend. We’ve known each other for 40 years and fate recently brought us together in the same city. We are both married, raising children, praying, and fully engaged in our own lives.

But now, we are also committed to meeting up for lunch or coffee every month. The only valid excuse for backing out of these meetings will be death or near-death illness. Otherwise, we show up.

We are 44 years old and committing over a pinky promise. I’d say that’s pretty serious.

It’s 2019 and I am committed.

This story originally appeared on Melanie Forstall – Stories of Life, Love, and Mothering

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