Dozens Of Strangers Rush To Celebrate Little Boy’s Birthday When Friends Don’t Show Up.

A child's birthday should be one of the happiest, most fun-filled days of the year. It's the kind of day Colten Raymer looked forward to when he planned a Fortnite-themed birthday party to celebrate turning 7 years old. His birthday is in August, but he and his mom, Meagan, decided to have a party in June so he could invite his first-grade classmates. But on the big day, as the little boy waited in a Keystone Heights, Florida park, it became apparent none of his friends were coming. Colten was crushed, to say the least. "It was really heartbreaking because this was his first party with his school friends," Meagan said. "He was really excited about it and not sure why they did not show." Meagan simply couldn't let her son's party end in such disappointment. So she turned to the Keystone Heights Word of Mouth Facebook page, explaining what had happened and asking if anyone might be able to come. Surely, some of its nearly 9,000 members could stop by for a few minutes to brighten Colten's day. The response left her stunned — and so grateful. "Not only did about 40 to 50 people show up with gifts, but the Clay County Fire Department and Clay County Sheriff's Office showed up!" Meagan said. Colten's frown quickly morphed into a huge grin as he made new friends, opened gifts, tried on firefighter gear, and even climbed inside a firetruck! Meagan says it was all her son could do to smile and thank everyone. Despite the rough start, he says it was the best birthday ever. And it's all thanks to the strangers who came through for him.
"I never expected this to end up this way. We are new to the community, so we don't know anyone at all. We’re very grateful,” Meagan added. "It’s unbelievable what they did for a complete stranger. It’s nice to know this is a very supportive community in a time of need."
Colten's school buddies may not have shown up, but the little boy ended the day with so many new friends who cared about him before they even met! If he didn't know he was loved before, he sure does now. Happy early birthday, Colten! Share this story as an example of what the power of kindness and community can do.
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