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Student Forced Into Car At Gunpoint, But 1 Skill Saved Her Life.

jordan dinsmore escapes kidnapping

Do you know what to do if you’re kidnapped? It’s a tough situation to think of, but the question is an important one to ponder.

Luckily, Jordan Dinsmore’s mom had taught her well. She says, “My mom always told me, you know, ‘Don’t let them get you alone, because then you have no help, you have no hope for (people passing by) to see you or hear you, and you have no help to get out.'” She remembered that when it truly counted.

Jordan is a student at the University of South Carolina and last month, she arrived home from work in the morning.


The events of her early-morning abduction must’ve felt so surreal like she was in the middle of a Hollywood action movie. She was walking through the parking lot of her apartment complex in Columbia, S.C., when three men approached her. They took her phone and purse and would’ve stolen her car, too – but none of them knew how to drive a stick shift.


While one of the men ran off, the other two forced her at gunpoint into her car. Jordan was ordered to drive to the nearest ATM, and from there to an undisclosed location.

She was told, she would be raped.

Fortunately, what her mother told her came back to her as she took off her seatbelt to withdraw money from the ATM.


Neither of the men noticed when she didn’t buckle back up after withdrawing the money. As she neared an intersection, she put the car in neutral and threw herself out as the car continued forward.


“I wish I could’ve seen their faces at that moment, so that they knew that I might have been a victim, but I was not victimized,” Jordan said.

She managed to flag down help from a passerby. The two teenagers were later arrested and are believed to be connected to similar incidents that have occurred in the area during the past month.


This college student — who’s majoring in criminal justice — experienced serious trauma during her ordeal, but thanks to her mother’s sage advice, she was able to avoid further harm.

Watch the video below to hear more about this brave young lady’s ordeal, and share to spread thanks that she was able to escape!

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