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Students Melt When Prof Brings Dog To Class, Then See Pop Quiz Behind Him & Crack Up!

A university professor put an adorable spin on the whole concept of Take Your Dog To Work Day last month. Not only did he bring his dog to class, but he used her as the basis for a delightful pop quiz.

Ryan Kriger teaches a night class, Consumer Law and Policy, at the University of Vermont.


After a full day of classes, it’s a struggle for the students to sit through yet another lecture. So he lightens things up a bit by bringing in his sweet and well-behaved dog Maggie, who evokes smiles as she wanders around the classroom.


“Personally, I felt that having her in class really instilled a brighter mood and atmosphere, which is very helpful in a course that first starts at seven o’clock in the evening,”said one of the students, David Chapnick.


Maggie is such a frequent visitor, it appears, that she was even the subject of a pop quiz last month. The prof actually just used it to take attendance, which was not only cute, but especially creative:


How do you feel about Maggie?

A. She’s a good dog.
B. She’s a very good dog, yes she is.
C. She’s the best dog.
D. She is the Platonic ideal of a dog.
E. I don’t like dogs, but despite my generalized dislike of all things canine, I make an exception for Maggie, because that’s how great she is.


For most of the class, Chapnick says, Maggie simply wanders around the room, picking up a random pet here and there, and occasionally barking to let everyone know about a potential intruder outside the door. But “by the end of class, without fail, she will always be found right at the feet of our professor.â€

What a sweetheart.


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