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Cold-Loving Pup Refuses To Come Inside For Bedtime.

woman tries to pick up samoyed

This pup refused to go inside for bedtime because he was loving the cold weather so much! I suppose that makes sense, given that he’s got a big ‘ole furry coat on!

Cody the Samoyed was not a fan of his mom’s attempts to bring him in. This pup loves the chilly weather!

woman tries to pick up samoyed
This image is from YouTube.

In this one-minute clip, you can see this dog’s mom attempting to get him inside by rolling, lifting, and more.

In the end, she got him on his feet, but it’s to be seen whether or not this pup actually went inside for bedtime after his hardcore refusal.

Big dog owners can relate to their stubbornness and astonishing ability to go completely limp. Cody looked like a stuffed animal, not a dog with the ability to stand up and walk!

“Legend says, Cody still remains in that very spot to this day,” commented one viewer, noting his incredible stubbornness.

“I swear, my pug would turn into a 500-pound cement statue if he didn’t want to do something. So I can only imagine how tough it was to control this big fluffy creature!” said another, commenting on the ways dogs can get what they want!

This clip of the pup refusing to go inside is hilarious and completely relatable. Check it out for yourself below!

The featured image for this post is from YouTube.

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