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Coast Guard Rescues Dog That Fell From Cliff In Oregon — Safely Reunites Him With Owner.

United State Coast Guard footage of a rescuer carrying an injured dog, Leo, to his owners after a rescue.

To start off the new year, a family decided to take their dog for a nice walk at Ecola State Park. Then, in an instant, things took a life-threatening turn. While the family walked near a cliff, their dog, Leo, ran ahead of them. In doing so, he fell 300 feet and onto a secluded beach. As their dog lay on the beach in Oregon, stranded, a rescue mission was put into place.

I can’t imagine how scared Leo and his poor pet parents were in this moment. Luckily, many talented folks were brought in to help Leo ASAP, including the United States Coast Guard (USCG).

Top-down view from a helicopter of a United States Coast Guard being lowered above an ocean.

In a video capturing the harrowing rescue, a rescuer slowly lowers from a helicopter. In doing so, they’re able to reach Leo, who seems to be in quite a tricky spot. Still, the USCG and local rescuers from Cannon Beach, Nehalem Bay, and Seaside work together to help this poor pup.

When the rescuers reach Leo, it’s clear he’s hurt. Once they’re able to get him back to his owners, they’re only able to hug him briefly before he’s flown to an emergency vet.

His owners have since given an update, though, and it’s the exact kind you hope to hear from a story as frightening as this one!

Oregon Dog Rescue Gets Happy Ending

“Leo stayed overnight at an emergency vet,” one of his owners says, as shared by USCG Pacific Northwest. “He has a few cuts and bruises. All things considered, he is doing good. We are so thankful he is alive and expected to recover.”

United State Coast Guard footage of a rescuer carrying an injured dog, Leo, to his owners after a rescue.

Let’s all wish Leo a speedy recovery — and a big shout out to all of the rescuers who took the time to save this sweet pup!

You can find the source of this story’s featured image here!

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