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Clever Realtor Hilariously Puts Herself In Potential Clients’ Shoes With POV Video.

realtor in kitchen

When you’re looking for a house, it can be hard to imagine what it’s truly like to live in the space. Where will your couch go? Where will the kids sleep? Which side of the closet will be yours?

Realtor Jen goes above and beyond to answer these hard-hitting questions and more. In her hilarious clip, Jen highlights important life moments in the home, including:

  1. What it’ll look like to cook dinner.
  2. What it’ll look like to argue with your husband over the counter.
  3. What it’ll look like to hide in the laundry room, grabbing a drink of “mommy juice” before you have to go back out and deal with the world.

And so much more!

The method of Jen’s video clearly speaks to her audience.

“I would 100% buy a house from you strictly for this!” comments one viewer.

“Where is this house? You sold me at the bar scene,” comments another.

By putting herself in the shoes of the client, Jen really sells the live-ability of the home, in a hysterical way. This realtor is a genius!

Check out her side-splitting video below!

The featured image for this post is from TikTok.

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