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Teen Hilariously Sleeps Through Mom’s Knocking — And Police Breaking Into Car!

sleeping teen

When you make a quick trip to the grocery store with your teen, it’s not unusual for them to want to wait in the car while you grab what you need. They might listen to music on their phone or watch a few videos on social media… they’re more than capable of keeping themselves busy. But for one mom, a quick grocery trip turned into an entire ordeal when her sleeping teenager wouldn’t wake back up. 

The main problem? The teen had the car keys inside with her! 

sleeping teen

Before diving in, we just want to note that the woman’s daughter was perfectly fine and not injured or sick… she’s just an incredibly deep sleeper. 

The mother describes in the video that she left her daughter, Savannah, in the car with the keys so that she could listen to music. When she arrived back at the car, Savannah was fast asleep. Despite a lengthy period of knocking, and even another driver repeatedly beeping her horn in an attempt to wake Savannah, she snoozed on. 

With no other options, the mother called in reinforcements. 

police arrive to help sleeping teen

A pair of police officers arrive on the scene to assist the mother with getting into her car. As she records the police using a tool to open her car door, the mother comments, “My family is gonna crack up!” 

As you might expect with seasoned police officers, they make short work of unlocking the door. Within a few seconds, the mother is inside and tapping her daughter’s arm to wake her.

sleeping teen wakes up

Despite the 30-plus minutes of attempts at waking her by knocking and beeping the horn, Savannah wakes almost immediately when her mother taps her arm — sitting up looking rather confused. 

The mother explains the situation to her, expressing that she was concerned when Savannah wouldn’t wake up but that she’s glad she got a good nap. 

In what turned out to be a hilarious chain of events, I only have two main takeaways… First, we’re glad the sleeping teen was safe and was just snoozing. Second, why can’t I sleep that deeply! 

You can find the source of this story’s featured image here.

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