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Clever Dog Uses Sound Buttons To Tell Owners She’s Sick— Hours Before She Shows Symptoms!

golden retriever with sound buttons

We’ve all seen those videos of dogs clicking buttons to communicate. It’s amazing what you can train a pup to do! This four-legged friend was able to prove his puppy perception skills using sound buttons to alert the owner that she was under the weather.

The catch? She had no symptoms yet!

Cache the dog started clicking sound buttons related to Christina, his owner. He pushed “friend,” “sick,” and “mom.”

While Christina wasn’t feeling sick at the time of the video, nausea hit five hours later.

““I think he could smell it on me or something,” owner Christina said.

Dogs have an amazing sense of smell. This enables them to work in a variety of service roles, helping folks with illnesses and disabilities know what’s going on with their bodies.

While Cache isn’t a service dog, he certainly has a talent for identifying when something’s off.

He’s got quite a map of words. It’s incredible that he was able to let her know what he noticed using sound buttons.

Check out the full video below. What a good boy!


This good boy named Cache sensed something was wrong with his owner Christina. Using sound buttons with pre-recorded words, the pup pressed “sick,” “friend,” and “mom,” to communicate his concern to her. At first, Christina was skeptical, but just five hours later, she began to feel nauseous– Cache predicted she was sick before she had any idea! #dogsoftiktok #dogscommunicating #soundbutton #dogssavepeople #goodnews

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The featured image for this article is from TikTok.

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