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Clever “Compawser” Creates Original Songs To Memorialize Pets Who Pass Away.

Losing a pet is one of the most difficult parts of loving them. They give us so much and ask so little in return.

Wouldn’t it be amazing if we could have a song written just for them to preserve and honor their memory? Thanks to music “compawser” Noam Oxman, we can!

When Foxxy the dog passed away, her owners turned to Noam to create a custom “sympawny” just for her. Noam talked to them and got information about Foxxy’s personality and habits, then crafted a song written in musical notations to form a perfect image of the dog. The finished product can be framed and hung on the wall as a constant reminder of the lost friend.

“A pup as sweet and as full of character as Foxxy was, must be described musically with a xylophone nonet, and that’s why: you must have something that makes you feel warm inside – that’s the lush string section,” Noam described the composition on Instagram. “Then you have to balance it with the lighter sound of the wind section, and finally, you have to add lots of character with the determined cutting sound of the xylophone!”

“This took my breath away,” Foxxy’s owner commented. “But thank you for loving our little peanut.”

Noam’s Sympawnies project has gained nearly 70,000 followers on Instagram, and he accepts commissions for pets who are still with us, too. He’s glad to be able to provide comfort to fellow pet lovers, telling The Dodo:

“Creating those pieces and having people from all around the world appreciating them so much and putting their trust in me to honor and memorialize their beloved pets fills me up with true happiness. I’m 100% emotionally attached to my work because I love animals more than anything else!”

In case you’re wondering what these compawsitions sound like, here’s one of Noam’s most popular works. It’s called, adorably, “Chubby Cat.”

Total Chubby Cat energy, right? No wonder it’s been viewed well over a million times on YouTube!

“Chubby Cat was sweet and playful and the perfect cuddle buddy,” Noam explained. “With a sprinkle of playful piccolo, a touch of warm strings, and a sweet harmony progression – hopefully, the music sounds just a little bit like him. Rest in peace sweet Chubby Cat.”

Noam donates a portion of his Sympawnies profits to feed and provide medical treatment to stray cats, too! We love this incredibly creative and thoughtful art project, and wish him the best of luck with it!

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