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Amid Earthquake Rubble, Mexico’s Famous Search And Rescue Dogs Lend A Helping Paw.

When tragedy strikes, the entire world must come together to help recover and rebuild.

In the wake of the most powerful earthquake to hit Turkey in over 80 years, search and rescue workers toil day and night to find survivors in the wreckage. The region was struck by five earthquakes in early 2023, resulting in thousands of fatalities and injuries. Mexico is one of the first countries to send some of their best and brightest to help.

On February 8, 16 search and rescue canines and their handlers set off from Mexico City to lend a helping paw. The highly-trained Belgian Malinois, Australian sheepdogs, and Labrador retrievers and their human counterparts were met by applause and gratitude from locals, who recognize the dogs from their previous rescue missions.

In 2017, a yellow lab named Frida became the face of the rescue mission after a major earthquake in Mexico City. Over the course of her lifetime, Frida saved 12 lives and located 40 bodies across Mexico, Haiti, Guatemala and Ecuador. Sadly, Frida passed away from old age in 2021, but Ekco, another dog from her team, is on the scene in Mexico.

In Mexico, an area of the world that’s prone to earthquakes, search and rescue dogs are a symbol of hope. Their motto is simply, “to save lives,” and they’re incredibly good at what they do.

Search and rescue dogs are trained to smell humans, both living and deceased, and alert their handlers by barking, whining, and scratching at the ground.

Dogs are much lighter and more agile than heavy equipment, which enables them to get into tight places without causing further rubble collapses. Members of the Mexican Red Cross are also on the scene with their search and rescue dogs.

It’s difficult work, both mentally and physically, but these canine heroes are up to the challenge!

Other countries have now sent their own teams to Turkey and Syria to help with the efforts. Canine teams from the Czech Republic, Germany, Croatia, Libya, Poland, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, and the United States are now on the scene as well.

You can click here for resources to help rescue workers and civilians in Turkey and Syria.

Our hearts are with these brave heroes as they do their work! Let’s all take a moment to appreciate how much dogs enrich our lives, and the world.

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