Girl Makes Hilariously Persuasive PowerPoint To Convince Parents To Adopt A Cat.

Parents understand all too well that when their child wants something badly enough, they quickly go from an innocent kid to a master debater.

Christopher Doyle of Toronto, Canada, can definitely relate, as his daughter has dreamed of owning a cat for years. She’s so serious about getting a feline friend that she went to great lengths to prove why it’s a good idea. We have to say, her argument is adorably convincing!

In August, Christopher had the pleasure of sitting through his daughter’s hilarious PowerPoint presentation, which she specifically created to prove her point.

She outlined all the reasons why her family needs a cat. For example, she wrote, “Pets can lower stress levels and make you happier.” There’s also the irrefutable fact that “it would be so cute please.”

The next slide reads, “If we were to get a cat, I could keep it with me downstairs in my room. Of course I would let it out of my room but overall I would be in charge of it.”

But her most compelling argument? “Please. Seriously you promised me a hamster 5 years ago but that never happened just let me have this.”

Ouch. Christopher certainly can’t argue with that!

She also promised that she would commit to and stay on top of her responsibilities at all times. She is an expert, after all, seeing as she’s researched cat care for more than five years!

This clever debater clearly knows you should never underestimate the power of a cute kitten picture, so she made sure to throw one in for her closing argument.

While the jury was still out on her success rate, the Internet couldn’t resist chiming in.

From cat owners tweeting pictures of their own four-legged friends to a rather straightforward, “Dude, get her the cat,” people around the world made it crystal clear what her parents should do.

With arguments this compelling, how could anyone refuse?

Finally, after three long days, her parents made their decision. Christopher shared the exciting news that he and his daughter were filling out an adoption application!

What a brilliant kid! She’s already proven herself to be a budding lawyer, and it won’t take long for her to shine as an amazing cat mom.

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